Thursday, September 24, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Salam Aidilfitri to all blog readers. This time i will share to all of you about my childhood memories of Ramadhan.

When times to Ramadhan, all Muslims people are willing to fast for a month. My father told me that i should practicing early so i can use it when fasting month arrive. I started fasting when i was in standard 4. The experience is so hard for me to practicing and it is new thing in my life.

When i was in standard 4, my father trained me how to fast like other person do. Every early in the morning, my mother woke me up for 'sahur'. I am the one who is really hard to get up for 'sahur' because the environment is so cold. My mother always woke up early to prepare some meal for us.

Just like any other kids where it is their first time of fasting, I can't stand any longer after i came back from school, so i break my fasting. When I arrives at home, my mother already prepare some food for me to eat. She understand that i can't stand longer for the first time of puasa. My mother always told me that at least I must fast seven day complete in this fasting month. If there have some extra classes after school, I have to wait until my class finished. When it's come to last week of fasting month, my mother and my father told me that I must fast completely in this last week of fasting month. If i succeed to do this they will give me a lot of 'duit raya'. So i forced my self to fast for a week. When it's comes to 'Hari Raya' my mother and my father gave me 'duit raya' for Rm 80. I so excited when they gave to me 'duit raya'. I've so thankful to them because they keep me practicing in this fasting month. After that, i started to improve on my fasting for the next Ramadhan until i fully fast for the whole month in this peaceful month.

It's all for me now, and thank you! Eid mubarak for all! :)


  1. RM80 is really a lot! It's fun to relive your childhood memories, right?