Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life being a senior!

Hello to all blog readers,again we meet with a new post.This week,i want to share my experience life being a senior.As we all know,being a senior is a enjoyable time than being a junior.I have been waiting this moment since i was in part1 and now i already in part 3.I think in this semester, i can be a 'new senior' to all my juniors.Maybe i can meet new friends in this new semester.

Life being a senior is so much better than being a junior because i won't be forced to joined some college activity,stayed up at late night to get Senior signature,as i stay in Sempana Riau college,senior have to give a nickname to other junior and many more.Some people set in their mind ,when being a senior,it's time to bully other junior.I totally don't agree with this because a junior also is a human being and we have to respect them as they respect other senior.

I can consider myself as a nice senior because i never bully my junior.Being a senior, i must show them a good character and behaviour,so they will follow the right way in their life.When juniors keep during their mistakes ,we as a senior has to advice each other whenever necessary.Now I'm in part 3 and be a senior to my junior in part 1 but for other part 6 student I'm still a junior to them.Even though I've been a junior to part 6 student, they respect myself and treat me as their family.

In conclusion, i can say that,treat our juniors with good character and behavior.I guess this is it for this week and have a great holiday everyone! bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My roommates!

Hello to all readers again,today i want to tell you about my roommates.Now,I'm at UiTM Segamat,Johor and stayed in Sempana Riau college.In this college,i get room 243 and 4 persons stayed in this room.My first roommate is Muhammad Zahran B. Ismail,from Gombak, Selangor.My second roommate is Mohammad Fikri Amir B. Norman,from Kuala Kubu Bharu,Selangor and my last roommate is Muhammad Zamzam B. Baharom,from Tangkak,Johor.

My first roommate takes Diploma in Accountancy course and now he's in Part 3.He is a funny person and interesting.Furthermore,he likes to eat and he's very friendly.He likes to eat 'Nasi Goreng Ayam' and his favourite drink is 'Teh Ais'.He also always skip class nowadays.He can be categorised as a handsome boy in this room.Then,his hobby likes to play futsal.He also took part in this sport while he was in secondary school.

My second roommate takes Diploma in Science Quantitative course and now in Part 1.I can describe he is a quiet person and shy since i have stayed here for 2 weeks.Although he is a quiet person,he's also a hardworking person because he always clean up the room when the room looks messy.His favourite food is 'Mee Goreng and 'Milo Ais' as his favourite drink.He likes to play computer games because it is not bored at all.

My third roommate takes Diploma In Banking and now in Part 1 also.He is a easy going person and don't talk too much.He likes to chat with other senior although he is in Part 1.He is a friendly person and likes create jokes.He likes to eat 'Nasi Goreng Cili Padi' and his favourite drink is 'Sirap Bandung'.He also have interesting hobby,his hobby is watch movie.The latest movie that he watch is Transformers 2.He likes to collect other old movie such as P.Ramlee movie and other.I also joined him to watch movie s together.

That's all about my roommates.Although i have knows them for 2 weeks,they are all sporting and friendly person.I hope,i will try in this room until the end of semester.

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Me

Hello,i'm Muhammad Afiq B. Nawawi.I'm from Muar,Johor which is Jalan Junid area.This year I'm 19 years old.I am studying at UITM Segamat Johor and currently taking Diploma in Banking course.This semester,i am in a part 3 and staying in Sempana Riau college.I take this course because i'm interested in Banking and encouragement from my parents.I'm the eldest brother from 4 siblings,so i have to be a good role model for my other younger brother.

During free time,my hobby is to play computer games and also chatting.I like to make new friend at the internet because it is interesting for me to meet someone different.When talk's about food,my favourite food is 'mee bandung' Muar.Muar is famous with it's 'mee bandung'.There are many restaurant located in Muar that make delicious 'mee bandung'.Orange juice is my favourite drink and i like to drink some fruit juice.

In sports,i like to play hand ball.This is because,i think this sport is suitable for me.Futhermore, in primary school,i took part in some hand ball competition and i think this sports is interesting for me.My favourite music is rock genre and a little bit of rap while my favourite movie is Transformers 2.I think this is the greatest movie that i have ever seen.

About my parents,my father's name is Nawawi B. Bahari.He works as a bank officer at the OCBC Bank.He is a sporting and funny person that i have ever meet.He is also caring with their children's education.My mother's name is Nor Raihan Bte Saad.She also works as a bank officer at the HSBC Bank.I can describe my mother as a loving person and also caring as my father do.Sometimes,my parent are strict with their children education.They also reminded their children to study hard to get a bright future.

My ambition is to be a bank manager as my parents work as a bank officer.I hope this dream becomes true.Eventhough i am not good in calculation but i can handle it to achieve my dream.