Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hello there all blog readers again, actually this week is the last entry for BEL 311. In this entry I want to share what I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

It is very happening when it comes for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. All Muslims people celebrated it once a year. It also very meaningful when family meet their relatives from other places. All the kids will be happy when they get a new cloth and more 'duit raya' for celebrate Hari Raya. So, what I love most about Hari Raya is about their cornflakes cookies. This cookies is my favorite when its come for Hari Raya.

One day before Hari Raya, all my relatives and my family will gathered to do the preparation for the next day. In that time, every year my relatives always bought some cornflakes cookies from Kuala Lumpur. I will not stop eating that cookies at that night.

Next, I love most is 'Duit Raya'. Kids and teenagers nowadays love to get 'duit raya' from other people, especially from their parents. As what i can see, older people likes to give 'duit raya' to kids especially. This is not fair because teenagers are the most person use money in their life.

That's what I love most about Hari Raya Aidilfitri, to eat some cornflakes cookies and get 'duit raya' for sure. That's all from me. Thank you guys and friends for read my blog and share with others, goodbye!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Childhood Memories of Ramadhan

Salam Aidilfitri to all blog readers. This time i will share to all of you about my childhood memories of Ramadhan.

When times to Ramadhan, all Muslims people are willing to fast for a month. My father told me that i should practicing early so i can use it when fasting month arrive. I started fasting when i was in standard 4. The experience is so hard for me to practicing and it is new thing in my life.

When i was in standard 4, my father trained me how to fast like other person do. Every early in the morning, my mother woke me up for 'sahur'. I am the one who is really hard to get up for 'sahur' because the environment is so cold. My mother always woke up early to prepare some meal for us.

Just like any other kids where it is their first time of fasting, I can't stand any longer after i came back from school, so i break my fasting. When I arrives at home, my mother already prepare some food for me to eat. She understand that i can't stand longer for the first time of puasa. My mother always told me that at least I must fast seven day complete in this fasting month. If there have some extra classes after school, I have to wait until my class finished. When it's come to last week of fasting month, my mother and my father told me that I must fast completely in this last week of fasting month. If i succeed to do this they will give me a lot of 'duit raya'. So i forced my self to fast for a week. When it's comes to 'Hari Raya' my mother and my father gave me 'duit raya' for Rm 80. I so excited when they gave to me 'duit raya'. I've so thankful to them because they keep me practicing in this fasting month. After that, i started to improve on my fasting for the next Ramadhan until i fully fast for the whole month in this peaceful month.

It's all for me now, and thank you! Eid mubarak for all! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Favourite Computer Games!

Hello there! Wishing you Happy fasting day and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Today I'm going to tell you about my favourite computer games. My favourite computer games is DotA.

What is DotA? DotA can be defined as Defend Of The Ancient. The objective of this games is for each team to destroy the opponents' Ancient,heavily guarded structures at every corner of the maps.Furthermore players must use powerful unit known as heroes, and assisted by allied heroes.As in role playing games, players level up their hero and use gold to buy equipment during that mission.

I'm addicted to this games because it have different strategies to win this games and how it's game play? There are two teams of players against each other.There are Sentinel and Scourge. Every teams have their own base to defend and this base is defended by towers and waves of unit which guard the main path leading to their base.

Each player controls one Hero, a powerful unit with unic abilities and every heroes must to leveling up. This is because leveling can improves the hero toughness and the hero damage and allow players to upgrade their skills or spells. By using gold, players can upgrade their hero item and make them more powerful.Players must play in group and make their own strategies to win this games.

To win this games, every players must destroy their opponent Ancient. As the Ancient destroy, whether it's scourge or sentinel it will be the winner of this games. That's all for this post, Goodbye!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Album!

Hello guys! I am to tell you about the song that will be in my new album.The name of this album is New Born.I named it New Born because this is my 1st single album release this summer and it contains 10 latest songs.Let's check it out of the song!

1) Hurt Heart
This song is about disappointed of love between a guy and a girl. A guy has another girl in his life and betray to their love which is his girlfriend heart.That girl feels disappointed and feels her boyfriend just fools around with their heart.

2)Is you
This song is dedicated to all mum and dad all over the world.Lyrics in this song is simple to understand but very meaningful in deep heart.It's just a story about parents who work hard to growth their children success in life.

All people wanted this freedom and free from all problems.Just like bird flying freely at the air.They free from all problem and they just think about itself.

4)Peace and Love
Everyday is a new day.Nowadays, people don't think about peace and love in their life,so this song is more focuses on feelings of everyone heart.This song concept is slow rock.

It is about a girl have been left with her boyfriend.A girl is very hurt and disappointed from what her boy did to her.Now,that girl being lonely and no one care about her anymore.She makes decision to forget her boyfriend and build new life.

This song is about a little boy that have been bullied in what everything he done.His friend doesn't like him and think he just bring a a bad luck in everyone life.20 years later,that boy have revenge all thing what his friends do at him.This song in Rock mood.

7)End of today
Some people today wake up early in the morning and all of them has something to do.Either it is important or unnecessary thing. That day,all of them have their objective to settle down their problem.At the end of day,they just back to home and going to sleep after all.

8)Far Away
This song is tell about our future that is too long and so adventurous.We have to faced this with brave and not easily to give up!

9)Young life
This song is dedicated to all teenagers out there.This song is the story about what the attitude and behaviour of young teenagers nowadays.Crime and violence is done by those of all teenagers.We don't aspect this happen because actually teenagers have responsibilities to follow up the level of the country.

10)Lies on you.
Everyone have their own responsibilities to improve their life.Either it is big or small,that responsibilities have to be done by their own.

I hope that my album will in manner to all listener.Don't forget to buy my latest album and get the original!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Facts About Me!

Hello blog readers again, this time I'm going to write 10 facts about me.

1)Mixed Family

Actually I'm from mixed family which is my dad is Chinese and my mom is Malay.My grandmother on my dad's side is from Chinese family.My dad face is similar to Chinese and when i walked to somewhere, people will judge me as a Chinese person and i don't understand what they are talking to me in Chinese language.

2)Likes to read comics

I loves to read comics actually. I've got many collection of comics, actually Kreko.When i have free time, i go to the bed and read my collection comic until my eyes feel sleepy.

3)Scream Music

I likes to listen more on scream music than other genre.This is because for me this genre of music is the best than others.When people see my music list they think I'm weird because my music list full of scream music.Haha

4)I likes to watch movie

When comes the latest movie on cinema, i rush to the nearest CD store to buy some pirates CD.Haha.Films like Public Enemy, Transformers, Iron Man and so on is my favourite films.For me this films is adventurous and can give suspend to their spectators.

5)Likes to hang out

I like to hang out with my friends.Actually when i have free times i will hang out with them and go anywhere.

6) Love to eat chocolate

I really like to eat chocolate. When I go out with my parents go for shopping, i must buy some chocolate.Maybe that's why my weight is increase on this semester.

7)Loves sleep

Almost all my free time I will finish it with sleep! This is amazing because I can sleep for a long time and one thing I very lazy to wake up. This is bad thing I always do and my mother always angry with me because i hard to wake up in the morning.Haha.

8)Addicted with computer games

Computer's at my home almost 24 hours open because i am addicted with games.Especially my favourite games is DOTA.This game can guide people with many of strategies to win this games.Other than that,it can free up your mind.

I have a problem when it comes to saving.

When i have a lot of money in my wallet, i likes to spent it on unnecessary thing compare with my basic thing.

10)I don't like anything that is salty

Whatever that I eat, I will make sure that my food is not salty at all.This is because my tongue is sensitive with that taste.

Thank you,that's all for this post.Goodbye!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Classmates!

Hello everybody! This week i will post with new entry.I would like to share to all of you about my classmates.
First, I will start with gentleman.

He is my classmate since I'm in part 1.I can describe him as a nice person and can be friends with everybody.Furthermore,he always miss their morning class because he hard to awake in the morning.Although he miss their class so many times, he is brilliant and always gets high marks in class.

The funny guy in my class.He likes to make spontaneous joke in class and talkative person.He actually a nice person and respect lecturer while studying.Other than that,he likes to wear tight shirt and this make him so great.

3)This is me :)

A brilliant guy in my class.He also hafiz best friend since their secondary school.He always get dean list in every semester.In class, he like to share their knowledge to others and also friendly.He stayed in the same wing as me and we always go to the class together.He is a hardworking person and i hope he can get dean list in this semester.Good job Zaki!

He is the tallest guy in my class.I can describe his as a lazy person.Although he is in that attitude,he can take his responsible very well. In class, he always get sleepy and not much pay attention while lecture but when comes to test or final examination, he can get high marks.That shows he is a smart guy.

6)Ahmad Ruzaini(Evra)
To me he is a confident guy and like to ask question especially in Statistic class.He not afraid to share the question that he not understand in class.He also the one who recite prayers in class. and seems to be a nice person.He is new in my class for this semester.

I can describe him as a unique person and he like to talk about politics.Sometimes i don't understand what he was talking because of his nervousness.I think, he can give a lot of ideas while representing in class but of his nervousness many will think he is not smart.Besides,he always get high marks although he don't talk much in class.

I think he is a nice person and Evra's best friend.He stayed in Taming Sari college. He is kind of quiet in class plus he is new in my class,so i can describe more about him.Overall, i think he is a easy going person.

Now, I am going to describe the ladies in my class

She is Eyla's best friend. She is a quiet person in class and don't talk to much.Furthermore she is a helpful person and always help people who is in trouble.

I can describe as a high self confidence in my class.She have a high tune of voice and always to ask question to lecturer.She also a hardworking person and put all the effort while do some task or assignment that given by the lecturer.

She seems like a quiet person. She also new in my class for this semester,so can't describe more about her.

She is serious in study and always focus in class.She also a helpful person, this is because she help me and dhamiri to find some reference books for BEL assignment.Thank you Nadiah.Furthermore,she is a Ita's best friend.Everywhere she goes,she must be with Ita.

She seems like a nice girl. She likes to smile and that may attract a lot of people to be friend with her.

She is also a quiet person in my class.From what i can see,she always focus in class. I hope you can get a good CGPA in this semester.

She is from Kepong same as Zaki.Other than that,she seems a friendly person and talkative with their friends.She is close to Lana,Sina and Alin

She is from Muar same as me. I am proud to have people from Muar in my class.She is a cute person in my class and the chubby one.I have no problem talking to her since she is very friendly to others.

Overall,she is a nice person.

She likes to smile.Other than that she is a smart person and get dean list for every semester.She looks don't talk too much in class and focus on their study.

She also one of the cutest girl in my class.In studies,she seems a smart student and also a easy going person.She is very friendly and don't talk too much.

She seems to be a polite girl in my class.Furthermore, she is close with Nadiah.I think she is best friend since in part 1.

She is also one of the cutest girl in class. I like the way she smiles, it looks very sweet.Other than that,i think she is a hardworking person while in study.By the way,She is also not afraid to ask question to a lecturer.

One of the smartest girl in class and the youngest person in my class.Her English is very fluent same as Kashfi.She is not afraid to fight back where never she is not satisfied.She very close to Sina, and Siti.Overall she is very brave and confident person.

She seems to be a hardworking type of person. She is always focus in class. That is all I can say, I don't know her that much. I wish I could have known her better.

She seems don't talk much in class,but she is very close with Ifa.I think both of them is best friend.She always focus in class while she was studying.

I think she is talkative person.Other than that, she is a nice person to others.I think, it is easy to makes friend with her.She also a hardworking person from what i can see.

That's all from me for this task.Goodbye!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Subjects This Semester

Hello to all blog readers, again we meet for the fourth task.This week i would introduce about my subject that i take for this semester.For this semester, i am in part 3 student and i taked 7 subject including co-curriculum.Majority for subject in part 3 are more focusing on calculation but i still enjoying this subject.Subject that i take this semester are 'Asas Ekonomi Islam' (CTU 241),English For Academic Purposes (BEL 311),Fundamental of Finance(FIN 262),Macroeconomics(ECO 211),Introduction to Statistic (QMT 216),Mandarin language(BMD 101) and the last one is Basketball (HSK 119) for my co-curriculum.

For subject CTU 241, my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman.He is a nice person and always talked about their life experience in class.He also always gives us tazkirah at the mosque after the maghrib prayer.For this week, he gives us group assessment and discuss among the group.This is the first task that he gives to us as group assignment.

Next subject is BEL 311, my lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan.Since i have attend his class for a month, i think he is interesting person.He might be fierce sometimes, but somehow i think that is the way to teach student like us.For the first assessment, he told us to create blog.In this way, it might be to improve our grammar for essay.Although my grammar is bad , I interesting to improve any grammar through this blog assessment.

My next subject is FIN 262, my lecturer is Mr. Syamsyul.This is my favourite subject in this semester because in this subject, i can know how to manage and improve our financial budget in any organization.Furthermore,the way he teach us is the best way for student to understand.He also gives us some advice how to get 'A' in this subject.This is my core subject and i have to score on this subject.In addition, we have to attend his class early,otherwise he will lock the door if we come late to his class.

I'm also taking ECO 211 subject.My lecturer for this subject is Prof. Abdullah.I can describe his as a strict lecturer and concentrate on his lecture and his assessment.A few days later after start the lecture session,he give us first quiz.For this quiz, I'm not well prepared but unfortunately i got average work.I suppose work hard on this subject too to get an `A`.

Next is QMT 126, My lecturer on this subject is Ms. Arfah.She is a new lecturer and started teaching on the last semester.Although she is a new lecturer,the way she teach student is quite moderate for student to understand.An interesting thing about her is she always make joke during his classes and this don't make me feel bored during classes.However,sometimes its quite bored during his explanation,i thought maybe she still new in teaching student.For the first assessment,she gives us group assignment and do questionnaire about the topic that we chosen.

After that is third language BMD 101, my lecturer on this subject is Ms. Zhang Peng Hwa.In this subject,on early classes,i found it hard to learn this language because i don't have any basic thing about this language.Although it is a foreign language,it is fun to learn this subject.Sometimes, i feel hard to understand on this subject because it have to put marks on the letters.This subject is new for me and i have learn more about this subject.

My last subject is Basketball (HSK 119), which is my co-curriculum.This sport is new to me because i don't have any experience on this sport.I took this sport because i want to try something new and want to learn how to play basketball in the future.

I think that all from me for this task,goodbye!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life being a senior!

Hello to all blog readers,again we meet with a new post.This week,i want to share my experience life being a senior.As we all know,being a senior is a enjoyable time than being a junior.I have been waiting this moment since i was in part1 and now i already in part 3.I think in this semester, i can be a 'new senior' to all my juniors.Maybe i can meet new friends in this new semester.

Life being a senior is so much better than being a junior because i won't be forced to joined some college activity,stayed up at late night to get Senior signature,as i stay in Sempana Riau college,senior have to give a nickname to other junior and many more.Some people set in their mind ,when being a senior,it's time to bully other junior.I totally don't agree with this because a junior also is a human being and we have to respect them as they respect other senior.

I can consider myself as a nice senior because i never bully my junior.Being a senior, i must show them a good character and behaviour,so they will follow the right way in their life.When juniors keep during their mistakes ,we as a senior has to advice each other whenever necessary.Now I'm in part 3 and be a senior to my junior in part 1 but for other part 6 student I'm still a junior to them.Even though I've been a junior to part 6 student, they respect myself and treat me as their family.

In conclusion, i can say that,treat our juniors with good character and behavior.I guess this is it for this week and have a great holiday everyone! bye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My roommates!

Hello to all readers again,today i want to tell you about my roommates.Now,I'm at UiTM Segamat,Johor and stayed in Sempana Riau college.In this college,i get room 243 and 4 persons stayed in this room.My first roommate is Muhammad Zahran B. Ismail,from Gombak, Selangor.My second roommate is Mohammad Fikri Amir B. Norman,from Kuala Kubu Bharu,Selangor and my last roommate is Muhammad Zamzam B. Baharom,from Tangkak,Johor.

My first roommate takes Diploma in Accountancy course and now he's in Part 3.He is a funny person and interesting.Furthermore,he likes to eat and he's very friendly.He likes to eat 'Nasi Goreng Ayam' and his favourite drink is 'Teh Ais'.He also always skip class nowadays.He can be categorised as a handsome boy in this room.Then,his hobby likes to play futsal.He also took part in this sport while he was in secondary school.

My second roommate takes Diploma in Science Quantitative course and now in Part 1.I can describe he is a quiet person and shy since i have stayed here for 2 weeks.Although he is a quiet person,he's also a hardworking person because he always clean up the room when the room looks messy.His favourite food is 'Mee Goreng and 'Milo Ais' as his favourite drink.He likes to play computer games because it is not bored at all.

My third roommate takes Diploma In Banking and now in Part 1 also.He is a easy going person and don't talk too much.He likes to chat with other senior although he is in Part 1.He is a friendly person and likes create jokes.He likes to eat 'Nasi Goreng Cili Padi' and his favourite drink is 'Sirap Bandung'.He also have interesting hobby,his hobby is watch movie.The latest movie that he watch is Transformers 2.He likes to collect other old movie such as P.Ramlee movie and other.I also joined him to watch movie s together.

That's all about my roommates.Although i have knows them for 2 weeks,they are all sporting and friendly person.I hope,i will try in this room until the end of semester.

Monday, July 6, 2009

About Me

Hello,i'm Muhammad Afiq B. Nawawi.I'm from Muar,Johor which is Jalan Junid area.This year I'm 19 years old.I am studying at UITM Segamat Johor and currently taking Diploma in Banking course.This semester,i am in a part 3 and staying in Sempana Riau college.I take this course because i'm interested in Banking and encouragement from my parents.I'm the eldest brother from 4 siblings,so i have to be a good role model for my other younger brother.

During free time,my hobby is to play computer games and also chatting.I like to make new friend at the internet because it is interesting for me to meet someone different.When talk's about food,my favourite food is 'mee bandung' Muar.Muar is famous with it's 'mee bandung'.There are many restaurant located in Muar that make delicious 'mee bandung'.Orange juice is my favourite drink and i like to drink some fruit juice.

In sports,i like to play hand ball.This is because,i think this sport is suitable for me.Futhermore, in primary school,i took part in some hand ball competition and i think this sports is interesting for me.My favourite music is rock genre and a little bit of rap while my favourite movie is Transformers 2.I think this is the greatest movie that i have ever seen.

About my parents,my father's name is Nawawi B. Bahari.He works as a bank officer at the OCBC Bank.He is a sporting and funny person that i have ever meet.He is also caring with their children's education.My mother's name is Nor Raihan Bte Saad.She also works as a bank officer at the HSBC Bank.I can describe my mother as a loving person and also caring as my father do.Sometimes,my parent are strict with their children education.They also reminded their children to study hard to get a bright future.

My ambition is to be a bank manager as my parents work as a bank officer.I hope this dream becomes true.Eventhough i am not good in calculation but i can handle it to achieve my dream.