Sunday, August 30, 2009

My New Album!

Hello guys! I am to tell you about the song that will be in my new album.The name of this album is New Born.I named it New Born because this is my 1st single album release this summer and it contains 10 latest songs.Let's check it out of the song!

1) Hurt Heart
This song is about disappointed of love between a guy and a girl. A guy has another girl in his life and betray to their love which is his girlfriend heart.That girl feels disappointed and feels her boyfriend just fools around with their heart.

2)Is you
This song is dedicated to all mum and dad all over the world.Lyrics in this song is simple to understand but very meaningful in deep heart.It's just a story about parents who work hard to growth their children success in life.

All people wanted this freedom and free from all problems.Just like bird flying freely at the air.They free from all problem and they just think about itself.

4)Peace and Love
Everyday is a new day.Nowadays, people don't think about peace and love in their life,so this song is more focuses on feelings of everyone heart.This song concept is slow rock.

It is about a girl have been left with her boyfriend.A girl is very hurt and disappointed from what her boy did to her.Now,that girl being lonely and no one care about her anymore.She makes decision to forget her boyfriend and build new life.

This song is about a little boy that have been bullied in what everything he done.His friend doesn't like him and think he just bring a a bad luck in everyone life.20 years later,that boy have revenge all thing what his friends do at him.This song in Rock mood.

7)End of today
Some people today wake up early in the morning and all of them has something to do.Either it is important or unnecessary thing. That day,all of them have their objective to settle down their problem.At the end of day,they just back to home and going to sleep after all.

8)Far Away
This song is tell about our future that is too long and so adventurous.We have to faced this with brave and not easily to give up!

9)Young life
This song is dedicated to all teenagers out there.This song is the story about what the attitude and behaviour of young teenagers nowadays.Crime and violence is done by those of all teenagers.We don't aspect this happen because actually teenagers have responsibilities to follow up the level of the country.

10)Lies on you.
Everyone have their own responsibilities to improve their life.Either it is big or small,that responsibilities have to be done by their own.

I hope that my album will in manner to all listener.Don't forget to buy my latest album and get the original!