Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Facts About Me!

Hello blog readers again, this time I'm going to write 10 facts about me.

1)Mixed Family

Actually I'm from mixed family which is my dad is Chinese and my mom is Malay.My grandmother on my dad's side is from Chinese family.My dad face is similar to Chinese and when i walked to somewhere, people will judge me as a Chinese person and i don't understand what they are talking to me in Chinese language.

2)Likes to read comics

I loves to read comics actually. I've got many collection of comics, actually Kreko.When i have free time, i go to the bed and read my collection comic until my eyes feel sleepy.

3)Scream Music

I likes to listen more on scream music than other genre.This is because for me this genre of music is the best than others.When people see my music list they think I'm weird because my music list full of scream music.Haha

4)I likes to watch movie

When comes the latest movie on cinema, i rush to the nearest CD store to buy some pirates CD.Haha.Films like Public Enemy, Transformers, Iron Man and so on is my favourite films.For me this films is adventurous and can give suspend to their spectators.

5)Likes to hang out

I like to hang out with my friends.Actually when i have free times i will hang out with them and go anywhere.

6) Love to eat chocolate

I really like to eat chocolate. When I go out with my parents go for shopping, i must buy some chocolate.Maybe that's why my weight is increase on this semester.

7)Loves sleep

Almost all my free time I will finish it with sleep! This is amazing because I can sleep for a long time and one thing I very lazy to wake up. This is bad thing I always do and my mother always angry with me because i hard to wake up in the morning.Haha.

8)Addicted with computer games

Computer's at my home almost 24 hours open because i am addicted with games.Especially my favourite games is DOTA.This game can guide people with many of strategies to win this games.Other than that,it can free up your mind.

I have a problem when it comes to saving.

When i have a lot of money in my wallet, i likes to spent it on unnecessary thing compare with my basic thing.

10)I don't like anything that is salty

Whatever that I eat, I will make sure that my food is not salty at all.This is because my tongue is sensitive with that taste.

Thank you,that's all for this post.Goodbye!

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