Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Classmates!

Hello everybody! This week i will post with new entry.I would like to share to all of you about my classmates.
First, I will start with gentleman.

He is my classmate since I'm in part 1.I can describe him as a nice person and can be friends with everybody.Furthermore,he always miss their morning class because he hard to awake in the morning.Although he miss their class so many times, he is brilliant and always gets high marks in class.

The funny guy in my class.He likes to make spontaneous joke in class and talkative person.He actually a nice person and respect lecturer while studying.Other than that,he likes to wear tight shirt and this make him so great.

3)This is me :)

A brilliant guy in my class.He also hafiz best friend since their secondary school.He always get dean list in every semester.In class, he like to share their knowledge to others and also friendly.He stayed in the same wing as me and we always go to the class together.He is a hardworking person and i hope he can get dean list in this semester.Good job Zaki!

He is the tallest guy in my class.I can describe his as a lazy person.Although he is in that attitude,he can take his responsible very well. In class, he always get sleepy and not much pay attention while lecture but when comes to test or final examination, he can get high marks.That shows he is a smart guy.

6)Ahmad Ruzaini(Evra)
To me he is a confident guy and like to ask question especially in Statistic class.He not afraid to share the question that he not understand in class.He also the one who recite prayers in class. and seems to be a nice person.He is new in my class for this semester.

I can describe him as a unique person and he like to talk about politics.Sometimes i don't understand what he was talking because of his nervousness.I think, he can give a lot of ideas while representing in class but of his nervousness many will think he is not smart.Besides,he always get high marks although he don't talk much in class.

I think he is a nice person and Evra's best friend.He stayed in Taming Sari college. He is kind of quiet in class plus he is new in my class,so i can describe more about him.Overall, i think he is a easy going person.

Now, I am going to describe the ladies in my class

She is Eyla's best friend. She is a quiet person in class and don't talk to much.Furthermore she is a helpful person and always help people who is in trouble.

I can describe as a high self confidence in my class.She have a high tune of voice and always to ask question to lecturer.She also a hardworking person and put all the effort while do some task or assignment that given by the lecturer.

She seems like a quiet person. She also new in my class for this semester,so can't describe more about her.

She is serious in study and always focus in class.She also a helpful person, this is because she help me and dhamiri to find some reference books for BEL assignment.Thank you Nadiah.Furthermore,she is a Ita's best friend.Everywhere she goes,she must be with Ita.

She seems like a nice girl. She likes to smile and that may attract a lot of people to be friend with her.

She is also a quiet person in my class.From what i can see,she always focus in class. I hope you can get a good CGPA in this semester.

She is from Kepong same as Zaki.Other than that,she seems a friendly person and talkative with their friends.She is close to Lana,Sina and Alin

She is from Muar same as me. I am proud to have people from Muar in my class.She is a cute person in my class and the chubby one.I have no problem talking to her since she is very friendly to others.

Overall,she is a nice person.

She likes to smile.Other than that she is a smart person and get dean list for every semester.She looks don't talk too much in class and focus on their study.

She also one of the cutest girl in my class.In studies,she seems a smart student and also a easy going person.She is very friendly and don't talk too much.

She seems to be a polite girl in my class.Furthermore, she is close with Nadiah.I think she is best friend since in part 1.

She is also one of the cutest girl in class. I like the way she smiles, it looks very sweet.Other than that,i think she is a hardworking person while in study.By the way,She is also not afraid to ask question to a lecturer.

One of the smartest girl in class and the youngest person in my class.Her English is very fluent same as Kashfi.She is not afraid to fight back where never she is not satisfied.She very close to Sina, and Siti.Overall she is very brave and confident person.

She seems to be a hardworking type of person. She is always focus in class. That is all I can say, I don't know her that much. I wish I could have known her better.

She seems don't talk much in class,but she is very close with Ifa.I think both of them is best friend.She always focus in class while she was studying.

I think she is talkative person.Other than that, she is a nice person to others.I think, it is easy to makes friend with her.She also a hardworking person from what i can see.

That's all from me for this task.Goodbye!

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