Friday, August 7, 2009

My Subjects This Semester

Hello to all blog readers, again we meet for the fourth task.This week i would introduce about my subject that i take for this semester.For this semester, i am in part 3 student and i taked 7 subject including co-curriculum.Majority for subject in part 3 are more focusing on calculation but i still enjoying this subject.Subject that i take this semester are 'Asas Ekonomi Islam' (CTU 241),English For Academic Purposes (BEL 311),Fundamental of Finance(FIN 262),Macroeconomics(ECO 211),Introduction to Statistic (QMT 216),Mandarin language(BMD 101) and the last one is Basketball (HSK 119) for my co-curriculum.

For subject CTU 241, my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman.He is a nice person and always talked about their life experience in class.He also always gives us tazkirah at the mosque after the maghrib prayer.For this week, he gives us group assessment and discuss among the group.This is the first task that he gives to us as group assignment.

Next subject is BEL 311, my lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan.Since i have attend his class for a month, i think he is interesting person.He might be fierce sometimes, but somehow i think that is the way to teach student like us.For the first assessment, he told us to create blog.In this way, it might be to improve our grammar for essay.Although my grammar is bad , I interesting to improve any grammar through this blog assessment.

My next subject is FIN 262, my lecturer is Mr. Syamsyul.This is my favourite subject in this semester because in this subject, i can know how to manage and improve our financial budget in any organization.Furthermore,the way he teach us is the best way for student to understand.He also gives us some advice how to get 'A' in this subject.This is my core subject and i have to score on this subject.In addition, we have to attend his class early,otherwise he will lock the door if we come late to his class.

I'm also taking ECO 211 subject.My lecturer for this subject is Prof. Abdullah.I can describe his as a strict lecturer and concentrate on his lecture and his assessment.A few days later after start the lecture session,he give us first quiz.For this quiz, I'm not well prepared but unfortunately i got average work.I suppose work hard on this subject too to get an `A`.

Next is QMT 126, My lecturer on this subject is Ms. Arfah.She is a new lecturer and started teaching on the last semester.Although she is a new lecturer,the way she teach student is quite moderate for student to understand.An interesting thing about her is she always make joke during his classes and this don't make me feel bored during classes.However,sometimes its quite bored during his explanation,i thought maybe she still new in teaching student.For the first assessment,she gives us group assignment and do questionnaire about the topic that we chosen.

After that is third language BMD 101, my lecturer on this subject is Ms. Zhang Peng Hwa.In this subject,on early classes,i found it hard to learn this language because i don't have any basic thing about this language.Although it is a foreign language,it is fun to learn this subject.Sometimes, i feel hard to understand on this subject because it have to put marks on the letters.This subject is new for me and i have learn more about this subject.

My last subject is Basketball (HSK 119), which is my co-curriculum.This sport is new to me because i don't have any experience on this sport.I took this sport because i want to try something new and want to learn how to play basketball in the future.

I think that all from me for this task,goodbye!

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